Links to Other Christopher Columbus Sites, Videos and Books.

Below are links to many websites and articles that tell the real truth about Christopher Columbus, some are already on this site.
The official Christopher Columbus Web Site
The official Christopher Columbus Facebook page
The official Christopher Columbus Twitter page
The official Christopher Columbus YouTube page
Inexpensive books available on Amazon written by Rafael
USA Today article: We're quick to rewrite history and accuse Christopher Columbus of decimating Native Americans when the truth is so much more complex.
Neil deGrasso Tyson discussing the achievement of Christopher Columbus discovering Americas
An excellent website with extensive and accurate information
A video provided by Bill Aiello called In Defense of Columbus, An exaggerated Evil
An excellent and professional video called Columbus, Facts & Fiction by Rich DiSilvio
An Interview by Carol Delany, an author and scholar, who has studied Christopher Columbus
A 36 page Letter Written by Lawyer Michael A. Santo Regarding the Elimination of Columbus Day and He Lists The True Facts and where the facts were obtained. This is a must read.
An excellent must read article by R. A. Harvey lays bare the mistruths and lies written by Howard Zinn about Columbus.
Primo magazine Exclusive, Columbus's Second Voyage, by Robert Cutrone Esq. (Scroll a little way down the page)
The article "The Attack on Columbus" by Robert Ferrito National Commission for Social Justice Chairperson
An article COLUMBUS: A HERO by Robert Petrone, Esq.,"A Conquistador Brings Hell to the Indies" The Arrival of Columbus’s Enemy Francisco de Bobadilla