Links to Other Christopher Columbus Sites, Videos and Books.

Below are links to many websites and articles that tell the real truth about Christopher Columbus, some are already on this site.
CLICK HERE to see Lou Gallo, expert on Christopher Columbus, defends Columbus in a one man show.
Letter from NY State President Michele Cangiano Ment and NY State CSJ Chairperson John Fratta, to the President of Drexel University urging the reinstatement of Columbus Day on the University Calendar.
Click Here To See The Letter
Click on the link below to see a page linking to all fourteen interviews by Robert Petrone regarding the latest attacks on Christopher Columbus.
Interviews are anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes.
Click Here to see the Page

New York State OSDIA President Naccarato’s Message: Rally Opposing NYC Board of Education Decision to Remove Columbus Day.
Click Here To See The Five Minute Video

An extensive 34 page letter from Michael A. Santo to NYC school Chancellor outlining and explaining the true narratives of Christopher Columbus and now the false narratives must be understood and rejected. Click Here To Read The Letter
The official Christopher Columbus Web Site
The official Christopher Columbus Facebook page
The official Christopher Columbus Twitter page
The official Christopher Columbus YouTube page
Inexpensive books available on Amazon written by Rafael
USA Today article: We're quick to rewrite history and accuse Christopher Columbus of decimating Native Americans when the truth is so much more complex.
Neil deGrasso Tyson discussing the achievement of Christopher Columbus discovering Americas
An excellent website with extensive and accurate information
A video provided by Bill Aiello called In Defense of Columbus, An exaggerated Evil
An excellent and professional video called Columbus, Facts & Fiction by Rich DiSilvio
An Interview by Carol Delany, an author and scholar, who has studied Christopher Columbus
A 36 page Letter Written by Lawyer Michael A. Santo Regarding the Elimination of Columbus Day and He Lists The True Facts and where the facts were obtained. This is a must read.
An excellent must read article by R. A. Harvey lays bare the mistruths and lies written by Howard Zinn about Columbus.
The article "The Attack on Columbus" by Robert Ferrito National Commission for Social Justice Chairperson
The Eight Part Article by Robert Petrone Esq., titled "Christopher Columbus is the Greatest hero of The 15th and 16th Centuries".
Our Thanks to Robert Petrone Esq. for allowing us to publish the document.
Individual chapters are listed below.
Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 Columbus The Man
Part 3 The Scientific Hypothesys
Part 4 The Discovery
Part 5 The Second Voyage
Part 6 The Arch-Nemesis Bobadilla
Part 7 The First Civil Rights Legislation of the Americas
Part 8 The Final Voyage to Freedom

“Columbus, the Great Governor” by Robert Petrone Esq.   Many detractors of Columbus include the criticism he was a terrible governor. The article following factually proves otherwise.

Christopher Columbus: The First Civil Rights Activist of the Western HemispherePamphlet by Robert Petrone Esq.

Twelve Reasons to Admire Christopher Columbus for his Civil Rights by Robert Petrone Esq.
History of the Indies Book One by Robert Petrone Esq.
History of the Indies Books Two and Three by Robert Petrone Esq.
A video interview of Dr. Mary Grabar, author of the definitive work disputing and debunking Howard Zinn’s book that fuels the ongoing attacks on Christopher Columbus and America’s history.(Scroll a little down the page.)